The Gym Fit Release - 02.23.23

The Gym Fit Release - 02.23.23

The Gym Fit Release! We thought of no better time to drop some merch designed exclusively with Gym VIBES! We spent a lot of time on the custom fitments, finishings, and fabric qualities. Our marketing team killed the vision we had by pairing each piece with drippy outfits. We wanted y'all to be able to view the blog and start building out your own look for those juicy pump sessions! This shit is suppose to be fun. The gym is where you should be feeling good and looking good, while escaping the craziness of your day.

I know we said to mix up a bourbon and pick a track to view the blog on Black Friday. Today, you might want to shake up your favorite Axe & Sledge Pre-Workout, pick a song, and let those endorphins flow as you view the collection. As usual, we thank each and every one of you for helping us grow this brand to something bigger than us. A brand you can call your own. All American Roughneck.

P.S. you might notice a familiar voice on the start of each track. Possible EP coming soon?!

Killing Strangers by Marilyn Manson | Featuring Seth Feroce
Green Lights by NF | Featuring Seth Feroce
Church Burns by Zeal & Ardor | Featuring Seth Feroce

AAR X Impossible Kicks

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Spend $100, win a Pair of Jordan IV's!

WE ARE PUMPED for this release promotion! We partnered with our good friends at Impossible Kicks to give y'all a chance to WIN a FREE PAIR of Jordan IV's! All you have to do is spend $100 during the Gym Fit release for an entry to WIN some SICK KICKS! If you spend $200, that is TWO ENTRIES(Not sure if we can do that, IT guys figure it the fxck out. When I say IT, I mean Shane, not Seth). We will be giving away a pair of Jordan IV Military Black and the Red Thunders.

If y'all aren't familiar with Impossible Kicks, check out their website(Bob enjoys shopping The Vault), follow them on Instagram, or check out one of their retail locations!

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DLGB Zip-UpDLGB DetailsSeth Black Pump CoverPump Cover Zip-Up

NEW Zip-Up Hoodies

Hounding us for Zip-Ups is an understatement! We finally listened and are now proudly introducing our own custom Zip-Up Hoodies. We used the same fabric we use for the Work Style Pull Over Hoodies. These are roomy, comfy, and badass to contain the PUMP! For the launch, we are featuring a RIDICULOUS Royal Blue Deadlifts & Gummy Bears Zip-Up, and the ALL NEW PUMP COVER design! Now you can slip out of your hoodie quickly for a NASTY Pump reveal!

Pump Cover DetailsSeth Pump Cover and All Guns MatterRed Pump Cover ShayGirls Hoodie ShotsEveryday ShortsShorts and Fits

NEW EveryDay, Any Day Shorts

The second brand new item we are dropping are the Everyday, Any Day Shorts. These shorts are made of French Terry Fabric. They are roomy, stretchy, and comfy AF! They are designed to be worn anyway you want! Knocking around the house, training at the gym, or putting together a sick look to go about your day. THESE ARE OUR NEW FAVORITE SHORTS!

Oversized No Problems TeeHere To Work TeePump Town Tee

4 NEW Oversized-Fit Tees

It's been a few releases since we had some NEW Oversized Tees for y'all. This drop is featuring 4 NEW Designs:

  • Royal Deadlifts & Gummy Bears Oversized Tee
  • Lift Weights Eat Steaks Oversized Tee
  • Pump Town Gym Oversized Tee
  • No Problems Poster Oversized Tee

For reference, Seth is wearing a 2XL in all the regular fit T-shirts, and a XL(fits like a 3XL) in the Oversized fitment. Bob is seen wearing a Large in regular Tees, and a Medium in the Oversized Tees.

AAR Wrap StringerT-shirt DetailsT-Shirt DetailsLift Weights Eat Steaks TeeWe lift the weightsHatsClosing Banner