Black Friday 2019

Black Friday 2019

Black Friday Promotions:
Dates: 11.28.19 at 8PM EST until 12.02.19 at Midnight EST
Sale items are already marked down on the website. No coupon code will be needed to receive the discounts we are running on each item.

Free Gifts:
Each Order -  FREE AAR Sticker Sheet, while supplies last.
Orders over $100 - FREE AAR Coaster Set(4) + Sticker Sheet, while supplies last.
Orders over $200 - FREE AAR Tumbler + Coaster Set(4) + Sticker Sheet, while supplies last.

How to receive your Free Gift: Simply check out on the AAR website, and we will take care of the rest! We will hand pick your free gifts based on the dollar amount you have spent.

All Free Gifts will be issued on a first come first serve basis until they are out of stock.

HWMF FlannelsDenim FlannelHeather Grey Flannel

The Hwmf Flannel was designed with one goal in mind; to get you laid. If you don't buy it, you won't get laid. Each flannel comes with the skill to swing an Axe, you're welcome...

HWMF Brand Hoodie

If there was ever a time to buy a hoodie just for splitting wood, it would be now. The HWMF Brand hoodie looks like wood but it's not, its a 50/50 cotton/poly blend. Not for pussies.

Roughneck Definition Tee

Supplies needed to start a fire: wood and fire... and whiskey.

American HoodieLoyalty + Pride + Honor = AMERICAN

Pump Covers

3 NEW Pump Cover Color Ways! Blackout, Military, and... Christmas Camo! Christmas Camo was all Seth's idea, had to have something to match his Gucci FlipFlops.

Men's Tanks

TANKS! Have to show off the pump! Available in 3 New Styles.

No Problems Just WorkYOU Don't Have Problems! Just More Work to do! Available in a Tee & Long Sleeve.

Vintage American Tee

Seth's favorite Tee of the release, the Vintage American Tee. Its Vintage, much like him. Seth is also very mediocre at throwing darts.

Roughneck Definition Tee

This shirt says it all! Rough, tough, and Handsome!

AAR T-Shirts

Seth brought his twin brothers in to nail this shot. They all love Keto!

Women's Apparel

Roughneck Ladies TeeWomens Simple TeeWomens Split Axe TankWomens Just Work Hoodie

Ladies! Very sorry for the long wait, we know many of you have been asking for more women's options! We brought in our classic women's tees, a new tank top, and the NEW Women's Style Hoodie!


NEW Kids items! Featuring the Animal and the Monster(Addie & Emmi)!

AAR Restock

restock items

We restocked a TON of old Tees you guys have been hounding us for! All the classics: Deadlifts & Gummy Bears, Lift Weights Eat Steaks, HWMF, and many more!

Hats & Beanies

HatsMore Hats