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Black Friday 2018

Black Friday 2018


For this years Black Friday Release you can save one of two ways! You can either use a Coupon Code to save a percentage off your order, OR you can Mix & Match 5 Tees/Tanks for $100! Only ONE of the promos can be used per order. Offers cannot be combined. The 5 for $100 is automatically applied to your order at checkout. If you would like to use the coupon code instead of the 5 for $100 offer, you must go to the Cart Page, and select the check box that states: "I will be using a Coupon instead." Then on the checkout page you can enter the coupon code. See Screen shot below!

Thursday & Friday Deal: 15% OFF  or  5 for $100 Tees/Tanks

Saturday Deal: 10% OFF or 5 for $100 Tees/Tanks

Sunday Deal: 10% OFF or 5 for $100 Tees/Tanks

Monday Deal: 10% OFF or 5 for $100 Tees/Tanks
sale info AAR Black Friday 2018 Blue Collar Proud Flannel Blue Collar Proud Flannel Blue Collar Proud Flannel

Blue Collar Proud Flannel | $52.99

  • 5.4 oz. 80/20 cotton/poly
  • 2 chest pockets with snaps
  • Snap cuffs
  • Snap button down
  • Modern Fit

The Blue Collar Proud Flannel is for all the working men and women out there. Warm, functional, and with a modern fit, this design can be worn for work or a night out. Features a Blue Collar Proud logo in the neck, and the HWMF logo on the shirt tails. When you shake their hand, and they ask what is AAR, you say its for the Hardest Working Mother Fuckers out there! Be proud of who you are and what you do!

*SIZNG: Order the size you usually wear for flannels & Button Downs. These fit true to size.*

Blue Collar Proud Tee

Blue Collar Proud Tee | $24.99

Wear this shirt with PRIDE & HONOR! You are DAMN GOOD at what you do!

Blue Collar Proud Hat

Blue Collar Proud Hat | $27.99

NEW Mesh Back hat design features our Blue Collar Proud Logo, and a NEW Axe & Sledge screen print on the back!

Money Doesn't Make Itself

Money Doesn't Make Itself Long Sleeve | $32.99

Money doesn't Make itself, and complaining about it isn't going to make it appear either. You have to GO OUT AND GET IT! The sacrifice, the blood, sweat, & tears, EVERY SINGLE DAY. You want something better for you and your family? Work Harder.


HWMF TEE | $24.99

For all the Hard Working Mother Fuckers out there!

Dad Tee Dad Tee

Dad Tee | $24.99

The TRUE All American Roughneck in my eyes has always been my father. Wakes up before everyone else. Gets home after everyone is in bed. Eats, sleeps, and breaths hard work. My father helped me become the man I am today. This holiday season make sure you tell your father, mother, whomever has raised you, that they did a good job. That you appreciate their sacrifice, and make sure they feel loved. Parents are the TRUE All American Roughnecks.

Pump Covers

Pump Cover Hoodies | $39.99

  • Available in Military Green, Black, and Pink
  • UNISEX Sizing

Our #1 selling item, the PUMP COVER is BACK, just in time for the holiday season, and in TWO NEW colorways! The Pump Cover is a hoodie designed to hide your Pump until you are ready to unleash it at the GYM! 

American TeesAmerican Tees

American Tees | $24.99

  • Available in Military Green, and Black

The American Tees are a nice clean design that can be worn out anywhere. America is the best country on the planet, be proud and honored to represent it!

Simple Tees

Simple Tees | $24.99

  • Available in Heather Grey, and Black

The Simple Tee is the perfect everyday t-shirt. The simple design is great for under your flannel, button up, or your first layer! Stay simple and fresh as f*ck with the Simple Tee!

Lift Weights Eat Steaks | Deadlifts & Gummy Bears

Lift Weights Eat Steaks | $24.99

Deadlifts & Gummy Bears | $24.99

These two tees have been our most popular gym tees by far! We brought them back in for anyone that has missed out, and are also now available in XS for the ladies!

Men's Tank Tops

Tank Tops | $19.99

Tank tops, tank tops, tank tops. That is all.

Womens Apparel

Womens Split Axe Tee | $24.99

Womens Muscle Tank | $22.99

Womens AAR Tank | $22.99

NEW Women's apparel is HERE! After the quick sellout in August, we brought in 3 NEW designs for the ladies! Two different style tank tops, and a womens cut tee!


Simple Beanies | $14.99

AAR Beanie | $14.99

Riveted Leather Patch Hat

Roughneck Leather Patch Hat | $32.99

  • Available in Maroon & Black
  • Snapback Design

These hats are one of our favorites of all time. Each hat features a Real Brown Leather Patch attached with antique silver rivets. The patch is 100% American leather and is cut, stamped, and adhered in the USA. 

Multi-Cam Snapbacks

Multi-Cam Snapbacks | $32.99

  • Available in Green, and Black Multi-Cam

TONS of you have asked for these to be brought back! These only lasted a few hours during our July 4th Release! Here is another opportunity to get these fresh Multi-cam snapbacks!

AAR Hats

AAR Flexfits & Mesh Backs | $27.99

Last but not least... HATS! We have restocked many of the customer favorites! Many of you have been waiting patiently for the Gummy Bear Hats! They will be available during the Black Friday event!