April 2017 Release Announcement

April 2017 Release Announcement

What's up everyone! As many of you know, we have had very limited stock the last few weeks. On February 23rd we launched our biggest apparel release we have done to date. Tons of new items, restock of hats, and we ordered more inventory than we ever have. Well it wasn't enough. We always try to order enough inventory to span the time in between releases. So we looked at the last release numbers, double them, and thought we would be more then ok. Not even close! 

2/23/17 @ 8PM EST

Last release, we flipped the switch on the site, and traffic began pouring in. So much that it crashed our server. After a few hours on the phone with our hosting company, we were able to get things stabilized by implementing some load balancers and a more robust server. The site continued to go up and down until the next day when traffic started to back down. 

Following the aftermath of the release, we assessed inventory. We instantly noticed we were in trouble. It was a good problem for us, we nearly sold out of everything in a weekend! It was not a good thing for all of our customers that didn't even have a chance to purchase!


We knew there was no way we could turn around a restock that fast, so we instantly began preparing for our April Release. We took some serious time on preparing this release, and have 15 NEW items, and restocking some favorites (All Guns Matter Tee, Stay Hungry Tank, and TONS of hats)! We do not yet have an exact date, but it is looking like the first week of April.

We are experiencing some crazy growing pains, and our small 3 man team is doing our best to push through it! We just launched the new website, which SHOULD handle all the crazy traffic you throw at us, and we ordered more popular sizes in hopes more of you get what you want!


When the April Release launches, shop early! We tried our best to estimate inventory levels, but each time we release, it seems to go bigger and better! So stay tuned, we will be posting a full blog post with each of the NEW items as we get closer to launch day! In the mean time, explore the new website, sign-up for our Newsletter, and keep being that badass, hardworking SOB!